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Top Five Events.

  1. July 2013 - Pink Pong Golf Day = £1075.50
  2. September 2010 -Okehampton TTC = £850.
  3. October 2011 - Cirencester Table Tennis League = £489.
  4. August 2011 - Wales Table Tennis Association = £476.
  5. February 2011 - Plymouth Closed  = £435.


Thank you all so much for your support and if you would like to host an event at your club then please contact Liz May -


Christmas 1998 stands out in my memory.

My family had had a difficult year, but we were all together for Christmas and it was filled with fun, laughter, games, hustle and bustle – just as our special times usually were. I was 17 and in the middle of working towards four A Levels – I remember being extremely glad of a break from my studies and   spending time with Mum, Dad and my two older   brothers. We have always been close and I loved it when everybody was home.


In January 1999, after the festivities had finished, we received some news that turned our world upside down.  My wonderful Dad, Keith Perry, had been diagnosed with incurable lung cancer.  To say it was a shock is an understatement.  As the youngest of three, I was shielded from a lot of the realities of such a situation. However, I felt it all. We spent a bittersweet few months helping my Dad to realise some of his dreams – a lot being simple pleasures – from the BMW he had always wanted, to several   family breaks away (to nice hotels in Wales!) with good food, wine and walks. And time together.


Far too quickly, Dad's condition worsened and I remember several Doctor call outs – shortly he was moved to Exeter and District Hospice.  My mum moved in there with him and helped care for him.  I liked the hospice – the staff were wonderful and it was a  peaceful place, with beautiful gardens. I remember being grateful that he had somewhere comfortable to spend his final weeks.  He died on July 12th, 1999 – just 6 months from diagnosis.  We were all at his   bedside.


Charities such as Pink Pong are vitally important help prevent loved ones being taken so cruelly from their families by this horrible disease. 


Some positive news – lung cancer survival rates have risen by about 4% in the last decade*, and the     prognosis for other types of cancer has generally  improved also. This shows that it is essential to offer charities as much support as we can to continue to increase survival rates, and keep more people with their families for longer.


*Source: Cancer research UK “lung cancer survival statistics”


By Lucy Page



Photo from left to right, Top, Keith Perry & Future Pink Pong Mascot. 

Bottom, Lucy Page & Alex Perry



3RD Golf Day Smashes Event Record.

I would like to say a massive thank you to you all for joining me again on our 3rd Golf day at Boringdon Golf Club. We raised £1075.50 including a match from a sponsor!! This makes this years event the new mile marker in the future and our best charity fundraiser to date (will my bottom get more?).


We had sixteen pairings fighting for the honour, Tim & Jane Swabey became victorious, with Jane also picking up the best golfer prize with her daughter Freya.  Graham May was the best golfer on the day, Lisa Radford hit the longest drive and Steve Gunning was closest to the pin.  It was a hot day, but I think you’ll agree another success for Pink Pong.


Before tee off pink pong presented a cheque of £750 to    Pancreatic Cancer Research, this cancer unfortunately took the life of two of my uncles and Elaine’s Mum and therefore the importance of this cheque in particular means an incredible amount to my family and pink pong.  I hope we did them proud!


Thank you to our hole sponsors for supporting the day and   helping making it possible to run.   Thank you to Boringdon for providing such a beautiful setting, and for all the players for supporting such a great cause - you make the hard work all worthwhile and I can’t wait to see you next year - Liz May x x x

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