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September 2012

Thank you all so much for your support and if you would like to host an event at your club then please contact Liz May -

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We are please to announce that thanks to the hard work of our very own trustee Dave Robson, our Pink Pong Shop is now online - HERE


Hi to everyone reading and supporting the newsletter at Pink Pong.
My name is Dave Robson and like most people who fall into the hands of cancer my story is much the same with an “it’s not going to happen to me” unconscious thought...... how wrong I was.
Playing Table Tennis around 4 times a week with my own business and various other projects such as designing and building I was simply wrapped up in my own world until a small gland changed in my neck, which lead to me seeing my GP and following the consultation with him moving to an ultrasound locating the issue.
The next steps were the camera to observe the problem and diagnosis of a small tumour, which was not benign.  That day was one of darkest times of my life with the word cancer being thrown into the equation.
The emotional and physical pressures are of the highest and strongest levels ever experienced by myself and times that personally have drained me to a level beyond empty.  I can say the treatment I went through of neck dissection and laser section was first class by the medical team with nothing but friendly supportive people being involved. 
Radiotherapy is now ongoing with a week left and again this is a traumatic time for anyone concerned with many side effects so support is once again paramount to ones well being.
I am now actively involved in promoting Pink Pong which is an absolutely incredible organisation donating various sums of money to different areas of the cancer chain of sufferers.
There are many things we all need as people from wealth to enjoyment but one massive ingredient is SUPPORT from everyone around you at such low times.
An Evening With Pink Pong at Cardiff City Table Tennis Club

On Thursday 16th August 2012, Pink Pong headed to Wales for the second time.  Ryan Jenkins hosted a fantastic evening with pink pong at Cardiff City Table Tennis Club.  The evening started with a come and play session followed by a charity match with Wales versus the Rest of the World.  Special thanks to Ryan, Dean, Dan, Mike and Chloe for Wales and Hannah, Chris, Wiktor, Paul and Craig for ROW, you all put on a great show and helped raise £389 for the charity—thank you so much!!


Before the evening match a cheque was donated to The Velindre Cancer Centre in Cardiff for £750.  The centre provides specialist cancer services to over 1.5 million people in South East Wales and beyond.   Pink Pong believe its important to share the money raised with several cancer charities around the UK and as Ryan and Wales have been so supportive since we first launched in 2010, it seems only right that Wales have a share of our fund raising efforts.  THANK YOU WALES!!

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