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Top Five Events.

  1. October 2014 - #RunTeamFlo Birmingham Half Marathon led by Kelly Sibley (Pink Pong Ambassador) - £23,147.33
  2. October 2015 - #RunTeamFlo Birmingham Half Marathon led by Kelly Sibley (Pink Pong Ambassador) - £3251.00
  3. March 2015 - Lucy Elliot & Catherine O’Neill Cut their hair for Cancer - £2106.60
  4. January 2015 – Drumchapel TTC & Scotland Aerobic Table Tennis Tour Event led by Corinna Whitaker (Pink Pong Ambassador)  - £1408.80
  5. January 2015 (Liz May 365 Days Sober) - Dryathlon led by Zoe Cheesman - £1395


Thank you all so much for your support and if you would like to host an event at your club then please contact Liz May -



Helens Quiz Night – Helen Lambert

On Sunday 11th October, Pink Pong once again held its Quiz Night, arranged very kindly by my Aunty Liz, and hosted in the restaurant courtesy of Margaret, Manager of the Ibis Hotel, Plymouth.  The evening was at maximum capacity, with participants borrowing chairs from all over the hotel, which helped our fund-raising efforts.  After the quiz, which was won by ‘The Magnificent 5 plus 2’, a raffle, nibbles and cake, we raised the amazing total of £300.  The evening was a huge success, and we can’t wait for the next one!


#RunTeamFlo – Kelly Sibley



(#RunTeamFlo: Kelly Sibley, Laura Snow, Kim Brison and Thomas Bolitho)
Once again RunTeamFlo took part in the 2015 Birmingham Half Marathon, this year the team was made up of 8 runners.  These were myself, Laura Snow, Thomas Bolitho, Kim Brison, Gavin Smith, Ben Smith, Simon Kelleher and Becky Richardson.  This year Kim (Flo’s mum) thought it would be a fun idea to run in orange tutu’s.  The day was amazing and we all got round as a team, it’s such a special moment when you cross that finish line but when you cross that line and you are greeted by the person you are running for, it makes it all worthwhile.  To see Flo standing there in her pink tutu and cheering us over that finishing line brought tears to my eyes.  I am so proud of her and she has come so far in the last year.  There is still a long way to go, and many more hospital trips, chemotherapy and steroid treatment to come but I just can’t believe how far she has come.  She is now at school and we would never of thought that was going to happen last year.  Flo is the strongest person I know and I am so proud to call her my niece.  I would like to thank all of Team Flo for taking part and being part of an amazing team where we have now raised an incredible £26,085.33.  This is absolutely amazing and I would like to thank everyone who has donated, it really means a lot, and we really do appreciate it.  I would also like to thank Cancer Research Uk and also I would personally like to say a massive thank you to Liz May and Pink Pong for their continued support for RunTeamFlo and of course for my princess herself Flo.
The RunTeamFlo page is still active, so if you would like to support the team and Leukaemia Research please follow this link -

(Princess Flo, ready for her first day at school.)



Pink Pong/Aerobic TT World Record Attempt – Steve Rowe


(Left to right: Steve Rowe with Kelly Sibley, Andrew Rushton, Maxim Shmyrev, Hannah Burrows & David Goulden and our World Record Attempt)

On the 24th October we held the world record event at the Wigan Youth Zone.  The event was the final leg of the world record tour of the UK.  The actual world record attempt was controlling a table tennis ball on a table tennis bat for 10 seconds without dropping it.  We needed more than 250 people in order to break the current world record.  We got close but did not manage to break the record.  The actual final number was 190 people.

However, the day was a huge success and everyone that attended had a great time.  We were very lucky to have 3 top international table tennis players with us to perform exhibition games. Kelly Sibley, Andrew Rushton and 3 times Ping Pong world champion Maxim Shmyrev who travelled all the way from Moscow.  Also attending was Hannah Burrows from Wigan Table Tennis Club.

Hannah is 15 years old and used to watch videos of Kelly to inspire her.  What a dream come true for Hannah when Kelly agreed to play an exhibition game against her.  Thanks so much Kelly for making a young girls dream come true.  The exhibition games were under the watchful eye of International umpire David Goulden.  Musical entertainment was by Henry Gallagher from Britain’s Got Talent fame.  Henry put on a great show, with everyone joining in and singing along.


The master of ceremonies was Jonny Cowan, who did a fantastic job.  Darren Hutchinson from Dreamscope TV recorded the whole event and produced a great video that can be viewed by clicking the link… Watch here

Should we accept not breaking the world record ?

Steve Rowe said “I can announce that we will not settle for not breaking the world record, another world record event is being planned for 14 May 2016 “.  Once again the event will be held at the Wigan Youth Zone, all funds raised will be put towards the money raised so far for Pink Pong / Cancer Research UK.  Fundraising will stay open until the next event. We are trying to raise as much money as possible.  In the meantime why don’t you have a go at winning a signed table tennis blade from Timo Boll ?  To enter the Timo Boll prize draw click the link… ENTER HERE

Full details of the new event will be announced soon.


(Left to right: Kelly Sibley with Hannah Durrows, Henry Gallagher with Steve Rowe and Maxim Shmyrev trying everything against Andrew Rushton)



Inspirational Corner – By Marcus Cronin

In October 2013 I lost my wife, Caroline, to brain cancer.   Last year, the anniversary of her death was a very hard time and I realised that I needed to commemorate Caroline’s life in a positive way.  So this year, over 5 days at the end of October, I ran 120 miles along the coast of Portugal from the first place we went on holiday to the last.


(Left to right: Marcus with his girlfriend Linsey, at the start of his COAST 4 CAROLINE and mid-run)

The power of positivity is something that kept Caroline going for 2 years after her diagnosis and one of the many lessons I learnt from her is there’s no point in feeling sorry for yourself. Through her sheer force of will, she proved doctor’s wrong countless times.  We were lucky to have each other and, thanks to her strength, lucky to have the time to get married, have a beautiful daughter and time at home together as a family.

Coast4Caroline has now raised £5000 for Brain Tumour Research and the Marine Conservation Society – a cause that was very important to Caroline through her work at the National Marine Aquarium.  The lack of research into brain tumours specifically infuriated Caroline - brain tumours kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer yet just 1% of the national spend on cancer research is allocated to this devastating disease.

For so many people who have lost someone, fundraising in their memory is a wonderful way to commemorate and celebrate their lives.  The sense of community through the support of family and friends as well as the amazing generosity of strangers is so uplifting and raising money for great causes just makes it extra special.  For me, fundraising was a wonderful way to connect with many people who knew Caroline and provided a shared reason to reflect on the life of a caring, passionate and inspirational person.  Well done Liz and the Pink Pong team, keep inspiring people to do crazy things in memory of special people.


(Left to right: Marcus with Caroline & Flo and Flo showing her Daddy support in memory of her Mummy.)

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