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November 2012

Top Five Events.


  1. September 2010 - Okehampton TTC = £850.
  2. October 2011 - Cirencester Table Tennis League = £489.
  3. August 2011 - Wales Table Tennis Association = £476.
  4. February 2011 - Plymouth Closed  = £435.
  5. February 2011 - WBL Bristol = £400.


Thank you all so much for your support and if you would like to host an event at your club then please contact Liz May -

Pink Pong Shop now online.

We are please to announce that thanks to the hard work of our very own trustee Dave Robson, our Pink Pong Shop is now online - HERE

My name is Jordan Anderton and I was just 14 when I was diagnosed with a myxoid liposarcoma. I first found the lump on the inside of my left knee. At the gym I joked with my mates that it was a new muscle, or even a dropped testicle, but by the time the lump had grown to two inches I thought I had better get it checked out.

Initially I was told it was a fatty lump, but I'd have to have it removed, a consultant appointment, ultrasound, two MRI scans and a biopsy later, I was told I had cancer! - What a horrible surprise, I was just 14!
I had the operation to remove the lump in Birmingham, which was quite painful and I was in hospital for five days. I was told that once I could walk, go to the toilet and have something to eat I could go. All I wanted to do was get home so I met the markers really quickly. Looking back it was a bit too quick because the next morning at home I was in a lot of pain. I'd developed a blood clot and two weeks later the swelling around my knee still hadn't gone down. I had to have two further operations in Plymouth to remove the blood clot and it delayed my   radiotherapy for four weeks.
I was told that having the sarcoma might be the end of me playing rugby, but I always knew I'd try and get back into it as quickly as possible. It was my goal. I was told I couldn't play for a month after finishing treatment, but I was back training after a week!
My tumour was quite rare and I wasn't told much about it. But I was told that I was one of five kids under the age of 18 who will have this type of cancer in a year.   Sarcoma UK allowed me to get a bit more information and understanding about sarcoma and made me realise I wasn't alone. The experience of having cancer has made me a happier person. I'm still in remission. I've had a few scares, nothing major, and I'm feeling healthy. I want to have fun and not take life too seriously. Cancer has made me realise that things can just happen, not necessarily for a reason, and that you need to get on with it.

In May I was the first person to carry the Olympic Torch in Plymouth on Day 2. It was definitely the best day of my life. The relay started in the Life Centre in Plymouth where the torch was lit inside, then probably about 600 people watched me do my little bit. It was amazing!
I have just finished my first year of an International Hospitality and Events Management degree in Cardiff. I want to be a fundraiser for a charity. I've already done a bit and I've really enjoyed it. I helped raise £86,000 for Cancer Research UK and £2,500 for the Teenage Cancer Trust and I am looking forward to working for Sarcoma UK this summer.  I think what the Pink Pong team are doing is amazing using a sport to bring people together in the fight of this horrible disease to raise money and awareness is fantastic and I wish the team all the best.  Liz has challenged me to a Pink Pong v Teenage Cancer Trust Rugby Match? Summer 2013!! Lets do this!!!!!


Okehampton do it again!

On Saturday 8th September 2012 “Pink Pong” hosted its 3rd charity event at Okehampton Table Tennis Club. The day consisted of a coaching session, fun tournament and a zumba class.  The Okehampton event raised another £331 which is a great start to Pink Pong’s 3rd season in operation.
Special thanks to Okehampton Table Tennis Club for annually showing their support for the   charity and providing us with a fantastic table tennis venue.  Penny Mann, Helen Lambert, Lisa Radford, Janet Marshall, Sam Williams, Shaun Haskell & Wendy Haskell for helping the running of a fabulous day.
There was some great table tennis to see with Lisa Radford scraping through a 5th set battle to beat Naomi Jackson in the Main Event and Helen Lambert taking the Plate title from our very own Junior Representative Beth Wilson - Not sure what happened to the boys?
So! Okehampton has again set the benchmark for our fund raising efforts, let’s see what the 2012/2013 season brings.

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