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Ryan Jenkins and Liz May went on a CRUK Lab Tour


  1. 2014 - #RunTeamFlo led by Kelly Sibley (Pink Pong Ambassador) - £3420.00 to date.
  2. April 2014 – Bishop Auckland’s Pink Ponaathon - £1085.00
  3. July 2013 - Pink Pong Golf Day = £1075.50
  4. January 2014 - Dryathlon led by Zoe Cheesman - £1071.00
  5. Helen & Jack Lamberts  Challenge to Get Liz’s Bum Tattooed 2013 - £1000.05

Thank you all so much for your support and if you would like to host an event at your club then please contact Liz May -




Gary Wilson Ran his first Half Marathon

On Sunday 16th March 2014, Gary Wilson ran his first ever half marathon in Fleet.  “This is my way of giving something back; lots of others were giving their time and efforts.  So I thought it was time I did something to help.  Running a half marathon was be a big achievement for me personally, as at the age of 48 the furthest I have run is down the drive to the car!!!!”  Gary raised via just giving £409 for Pink Pong – CRUK and said “it was worth the aching back & legs”. 

Well-done Gary, we are proud of you!!


Ryan Jenkins and Liz May went on a CRUK Lab Tour

On Thursday 27th March 2014, Ryan Jenkins and Liz May joined Ann-Maree James (Our Cancer Research Area Volunteer Manager) on a Cancer Research Lab Tour in Bristol.


On the lab tour we heard a presentation from two Professors as well as being shown around by CRUK’s brightest Scientists in two different labs looking at Prostrate Cancer Cells and also the way Melanoma cells grow and spread.  The team at Bristol and around the UK spend hours using top of the range technology watching every single movement cancer makes.  Cancer is an enormous amount of diseases which makes the complexity of it so challenging.  BUT with the help of Cancer Research funding through groups like “Pink Pong”, “Clever” and “Focused” scientists give us the “Hope” and the possibility of a “Cure”


Ryan Jenkins said “Being invited to the Bristol lab tour has really helped me understand fully why I get involved in helping raise funds for cancer research”.

Liz May Said “I think the most shocking thing for me today was that cancer is not new!! When studying the sociology of health I never remember cancer being mentioned or discussed!! Maybe my eyes would have been opened sooner if this was so!!  I am thankful that Ann-Maree invited me on this tour, as it has educated me that Cancer Research UK is vital in the hope for a cure. Scientists spend hours studying cells trying to establish a way of firstly understanding them and secondly how to stop them from spreading further!! 

This is not a new fight, but for pink pong it is a new battle. And it's a must that we continue to make a difference!!”

Ryan Jenkins – Pink Pong Ambassador


Bishop Auckland – Pink Pongathon

On Good Friday, Matthew Porter and Carol Rodway led Bishop Auckland Table Tennis Club in a 24 hour Pink Pongathon in order to raise money and awareness of Pink Pong – CRUK.  The event took place at a Tesco Supermarket in St Helen Aukcland and the team started from 10am on the Friday, encouraging general public to pick up a bat and take part.  Matthew and Carol sustained the full 24 hours with sum 60 people joining in until they completed their challenge at 10am on the Saturday.  Matthew Porter Chairman stated  "we  were delighted to have been able to support Pink Pong and the great work that they do, the 24 hour pingpongathon was great fun and a massive thank you to all the club members who supported us especially those who did the late night early morning hours.  The general public who donated and had a go, and Tesco West Auckland for hosting and looking after us.  A few days before I did think why had i agreed to do all 24 hours again as it knocked me for a week last year, but knowing the amount of money we raised made it all worth it."

Carol Rodway said, " It is such a good cause to support and we’re grateful to everyone who supported us.  We know other clubs across the country planned to take part but believe we’re the only ones who did in the end so we’re very proud.”


Bishop Auckland raised over £1000 over their 24 hour event and hopefully increased awareness of Pink Pong, cancer and hopefully our sport.  We hope that many other clubs will join in the challenge in 2015.  Well done everyone involved!!


Matthew Porter & Carol Rodway with Junior Players from Bishop Auckland Table Tennis Club


Inspirational Corner.

My name is Kieran Reilly and I am a Table Tennis Player from Ireland.  Cancer is a cause that is close to my heart and has become more and more so as I see my aunt live with this horrible disease.   When she was diagnosed with Lung Cancer, it made me see that cancer not only affects the people with it but it also affects many people around them. 


Before my aunt was diagnosed she always put other needs first and she continues to do this throughout her treatment.  Being a French teacher she helped me with my studies for the leaving certificate and when she was in one of her worst forms close to my exam she was still willing to sit up and help me when she knew she really was not able. This inspires me a lot. She enjoys her life, taking the opportunity when she is not receiving treatment to get away and enjoy herself. Throughout all her treatment she never feels sorry for herself and continues to support her relatives as much as she can. I have learned a lot about life and opportunities from my aunt.


I feel that I have some time on my hands and the capability to lead Pink Pong - Ireland. We have made contact with the Irish Cancer Society and they are excited about the new venture and are backing us 100%. I look forward to the challenge ahead and I am excited to be working with a great bunch of people in the Irish Table Tennis Association. I have already received some backing from our now trustee's Anne Ludlow and Arthur Brett, and Amanda Mogey and John Murphy are our two ambassadors which I also look forward to working with. 


I feel our partnership with Pink Pong will help our Association from each end of the country to come together as one to work for a united goal – “beating Cancer”.

Kieran Reilly – Pink Pong Ireland Chairperson


If you have a story to share, we want to hear from you.  Cancer is real and your inspirational and fundraising stories really do matter.            Send your stories to

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