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MAY 2013

Thank you all so much for your support and if you would like to host an event at your club then please contact Liz May -


A Smile Until The End ~


‘What an ugly baby’ that was apparently the first words my Auntie Marie Mills ever said to me, that was her though…honest and blunt.  As I grew up I came to realise that her words were never meant offensive and anyone that new her could do nothing but love her.


Until my Auntie was diagnosed with liver cancer in July 2011 I’d been lucky enough to not come directly in contact with it.  It was always heard about but never seen as far as I was concerned.  This wasn’t the case for my Auntie as she worked in St Gemma’s hospice in Leeds for 30 years, so she knew exactly what she was dealing with.  She had seen first hand what cancer can do and was she scared; if she was she hid it behind the biggest smile right up until she passed away 4 months later.  I’d never experienced such bravery than I did those 4 months.  She was an inspiration to not only my mum, my sister and me but to every patient she ever looked after, it wasn’t until her funeral that I was told this by many of her colleagues.  I was proud to be her niece and one of her best friends.


Since she passed I have been raising money for cancer by doing numerous things.        Including a 10 mile midnight walk where we let off lanterns in memory of the people we had lost to cancer.  The sky was filled with lanterns.  To me this shows the importance of supporting charities like Pink Pong to keep the fight alive.


Zoe Cheesman with her Best Friend Auntie Marie Mills, x x x


Lesley’s Fancy Scarves

I’ve been trying to come up with an idea to create something to raise money for Pink Pong for ages and on 23rd December 2013 I became inspired and started knitting some rather fancy scarves.  Several of my work colleagues saw me knitting away during my meal breaks and when I told them what I was doing and why a few of them decided to join in. Since then we have created about 50 scarves and there are more in progress.  We have raised nearly £100 in profit which has been donated to Pink Pong. Here is an example of what we’ve been creating! Thank you to those who have helped me knit and everyone who has bought one - Lesley Slack.

Also a massive thank you to Nailsworth Phoenix TTC who organised a Christmas skittles social evening just before Christmas. We all had a wonderful night and as a result of everyone generously donating raffle prizes we were able to raise £60 for Pink Pong. Thank you all very much for thinking of Pink Pong.





Pink Pong went into partnership with Cancer Research UK this year, which enable’s the charity to make the most of JustGiving.  JustGiving is the worlds leading platform for charity giving and therefore Pink Pong for a long time has wanted to utilise the concept in order to raise as much money as possible in the fight to beat  cancer sooner.  All you need to do is decide on how you want to raise some pennies, set up a JustGiving page,  using Cancer Research UK as your fund raising charity and then join the team -

Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure.  Although you can donate straight to Pink Pong inevitably the money we raise will be restricted to a  cancer our trustees decide upon that Cancer Research UK is supporting and therefore this initiative just cuts out the middle man.


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