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MARCH 2013

Thank you all so much for your support and if you would like to host an event at your club then please contact Liz May -


It isn’t a fight we always win!!


Our beautiful mum, Helen Bonell was diagnosed with cancer in January 2002 following a routine smear test.  Before then cancer to me was a horrible disease that was talked about by others but I would never have expected it to happen to anyone close to me.  In reality 1 in 3 people will develop cancer in their lifetime which is a scary thought.  For anyone that knew my mum, apart from being inspirational to me and my two sisters she always wore a smile on her face and had a positive outlook on life no matter what was                 happening.  Unfortunately just over 12 months after being diagnosed on 4 February 2003, she lost her battle and passed away.

A lot has happened in 10 years (even though sometimes it still feels like yesterday), I've got married, my older sister has a 5 year old daughter and on 4th February this year my little sister went into labour, giving birth just after midnight to a beautiful baby boy. 
I know that my mum would have been proud of all three of us and is always with us sharing these precious moments.  If anything it has taught me to make the most of every minute and to cherish those around you as well as highlighting the    importance of charities like Pink Pong helping to raise money to fight this disease.  By Polly Bonell.


The Beautiful Bonell Sisters with their

Beautiful Mum Helen.


I’m lucky enough to have had the experience of knowing and sharing some great memories with Helen and know she is watching down over my Bonell sisters with a beautiful smile.  Her story is important because we don’t always win the fight but together we will keep fighting.  I would like to dedicate this newsletter in memory of Helen Bonell who lost her fight against cancer 10 years ago this week.  I loved her!! Liz May, x x x


Pink Pong’s Annual Christmas Five-A-Side.

Thank you to all those that put on their boots and made the Five-A-Side Footy a    success, it was our third year in a row and our third winner - The Orphans!!

As ever a few of us came away with some friendly bruises and somebody was sent off, it looked more like brotherly love but not in the eyes of the ref.  Thanks Gary!!  Thank you to Liz’s family for the biggest support (four teams out of eight), to the other teams for enduring the mafia and Ivybridge Leisure Centre for hosting our annual event.

The fun and banter helped raise another £175 for Pink Pong and we have booked for 2013!!


Bridgwater’s 3rd Year in a Row

Thank you to Amy and Ben Cleaveley who yet again hosted a great fun day in Brigwater to raise more money for our charity - £277!!    Marvin was in action to help increase the funds by a “beat the robot” challenge and the kids from Bridgwater Junior Table Tennis club battled out in a mini TT tournament.  Thank you everyone and see you in December to do it again!!







Pink Pong went into partnership with Cancer Research UK this year, which enable’s the charity to make the most of JustGiving.  JustGiving is the worlds leading platform for charity giving and therefore Pink Pong for a long time has wanted to utilise the concept in order to raise as much money as possible in the fight to beat  cancer sooner.  All you need to do is decide on how you want to raise some pennies, set up a JustGiving page,  using Cancer Research UK as your fund raising charity and then join the team -

Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure.  Although you can donate straight to Pink Pong inevitably the money we raise will be restricted to a  cancer our trustees decide upon that Cancer Research UK is supporting and therefore this initiative just cuts out the middle man.


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