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Top Five Events.

  1. October 2014 - #RunTeamFlo Birmingham Half Marathon led by Kelly Sibley (Pink Pong Ambassador) - £23,147.33
  2. October 2015 - #RunTeamFlo Birmingham Half Marathon led by Kelly Sibley (Pink Pong Ambassador) - £3377.67
  3. March 2015 - Lucy Elliot & Catherine O’Neill Cut their hair for Cancer - £2106.60
  4. January 2015 – Drumchapel TTC & Scotland Aerobic Table Tennis Tour Event led by Corinna Whitaker (Pink Pong Ambassador)  - £1408.80
  5. January 2015 (Liz May 365 Days Sober) - Dryathlon led by Zoe Cheesman - £1395

Thank you all so much for your support and if you would like to host an event at your club then please contact Liz May -





Walking All Over Cancer for Relay for Life – By Lindsay Thornton.

To raise money for Cancer research, I decided that through the month of March I was going to walk 10000 steps a day, that's 310000 steps in a month.


Armed with my Fitbit Charge I took on a task which I thought was going to be really easy, I walk to preschool and back twice a day for 4 days.  I walk to playgroup on another and these were the easy days.  Unfortunately during the first week both my children were sick and we didn't leave the house!!! 10000 steps is around 4.5 miles, this was tricky to do without leaving the house!! 


I thought it would get easier, but it didn't, I spent many evening once the children were in bed doing my last few thousand steps around the kitchen and living room, my husband loved it he’d spend evenings being waited on.  It felt like I didn't sit down for the whole month, and my Fitbit was ruling my life!!! 


Then the Easter holidays started so no more easy days, I had to arrange trips to the park and we all walked (the long way). On day trips out I would get my husband to drop me a couple of miles from home and I would walk back to "get my steps in".


For a few days before the end I caught a bug from my son and I just couldn't move, I tried to get my steps in but it was not going to happen, once I was feeling better I added an extra 3 days on to the end and reached my target. 


I completed a total of 387590 steps; I walked 165.14 miles (half of these round my living room!) and raised £100 for  our Cancer Research Relay for Life team – Pink Pong Friends.


Lindsay Thornton with Oscar and Izzy, walking all over cancer this March.



T3 3-a-side Table Tennis Launch PINK Table in Support of Cancer Research UK at the Hackney Half Marathon 2016 – By Jason Garcia.

On the hottest day so far this year, the 2016 Hackney Half Marathon brought people out in the thousands, and T3 3-a-side Ping Pong were there to launch a special edition PINK ping pong table, donated to PINK PONG who raise money for Cancer Research UK. 


The day began with the Speaker of the London Borough of Hackney, Sade Etti cutting the ribbon, and even finding time to take part in a quick game.  “I really enjoy playing Ping Pong and this table is fantastic for bringing all the elements of being ‘part of team’ together by way of sport. Anyone can play, just pick up a bat”


Liz May, Founder of Pink Pong said “We wanted a table that could really draw in the crowds - and this certainly does that. Its round shape makes it so much more inviting than a traditional table tennis table. T3 3-a-side table tennis is such a fun game to play and the great thing is, anyone can take part. After the Hackney Half Marathon, it will be appearing at several Cancer Research events across the country and we also hope it will make an appearance at the London Ping event this summer”.


Councillor Soraya Adejare also stopped by to have a game. “As someone living with a brain tumour and a father diagnosed with cancer of the colon last year, it was an immense pleasure to come along and support the work you are doing, and I was honoured to be one of the first to have a game. Reading about the table sparked my curiosity and I was not let down. The whole premise behind it is inspiring and, with inclusivity at its heart, it is sure to draw attention as it travels the country. I found it addictive and, surprised myself spending over an hour T3 Pink Ponging with Hackney residents, young and old. This is testament to the fact that this really is an activity anyone can participate in”.


T3’s Founder Digi Berry said “We’ve received such fantastic comments from so many people throughout the day.  Adults who haven’t played since their schooldays to children who have never picked up a bat, all now playing together and helping raise funds and awareness for such a good cause – today was a very sunny day indeed!’

What is T3?

T3 Ping Pong is three or six-a-side table tennis. It follows similar rules to the traditional game, but it is played on a circular table with three or six players on each team. The distinctive circular design and specially constructed net are the foundations of a game which offers a greater range of shots increasing the scope for some spectacular rallies.


Launched in 2013, this unique British made and designed product, is being described as the biggest game changer in over 100 years of table tennis! And it’s obvious why!


Digi continues “We first contacted Liz of PINK PONG last year and approached her about making a pink table.   I could see it straight away, as could my 5 year old daughter who now wants to know why all our tables aren’t pink! The end result is even better and it features all the table tennis stars who support Pink Pong and Cancer Research uK.’                                                                              



Pretty Muddy - By Claire Whitehouse

On 14th May Claire Whitehouse (nee Gibbs) and friend Gemma took part in the Norwich Pretty Muddy for Cancer Research UK at Norfolk Showground, supporting Pink Pong.


Gemma was running for her Granddad who survived skin cancer, her uncle who survived Hodgkins Lymphoma a couple of years ago. Gem says ‘Cancer is a common ailment that doesn’t necessarily have to be a common killer if given an increased amount of resource into treatment’.


I’m now a Lead Nurse for Research at the James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust & was running for all my  patients, and particularly those who are currently participating in research studies at my hospital. I was also running for my best friend Tanya who passed away from the big C 10 years ago this year.  I (@ClaireW_UK) lead the global #whywedoresearch twitter campaign which serves to give those involved in research (patients, public and staff) a voice to say why research is important to them (www.whywedoresearch.weebly.com – feel free to join in).


Back to the Pretty Muddy… ‘The day was absolutely fantastic, so many inspiring messages on people’s backs celebrating life or remembrance.  I hadn’t heard of Pretty Muddy prior to this year but have taken part in race for life before a number of times – this event was on a whole other scale. Other than meeting some amazing, people, raising money for cancer research, my favourite part was throwing mud at Gemma as we went through the obstacles!”


Thank you to everyone who sponsored us, joined us, laughed at us and to Katie, Graham, Olly, Ness, Jim and JJ for being our cheerleaders on the day, you’re all awesome!


Gemma and I raised 338% of our original £100 target, with a total of £338.68.


Claire and Gemma – Pretty and Muddy.


Inspirational Corner – By Charlotte Binley

I was always the type of person to catch every illness going and throughout school and college I was always known as the ‘sick kid’ because I was lucky to go a week or two without ­­having a day off or feeling poorly. Most teachers thought I was one of those students who just lied to get out of school and most even told me I was going to fail all my exams and not go far in life.


It wasn’t until university (yes I proved them all wrong and made it J) where I really started noticing a big change in my health. I couldn’t go a week without feeling poorly and I was just always so tired with no energy at all. I managed to just push it off in the first year and put it down to too much partying but in my second year it got considerably worse and I was sleeping a lot more then I was awake. My main concerns were I had headaches every day, I bruised easily and they weren’t just little bruises they were big and purple every time and I just looked so washed out and grey.


I finally gave in and went to my local GP, who I have to say were completely useless and made me feel deflated. They didn’t even listen to what I had to say and just pushed all my symptoms to the side and told me to take migraine tablets for a month because that’s definitely what the problem was. I was so annoyed because they didn’t even send me for a blood test to see if I was anaemic but I decided that maybe the doctors where right because it is their job after all right? So I just got on with University and took the tablets every day like they advised.


After two or three weeks of taking the migraine tablets I noticed that my symptoms were not getting any better in fact they were getting worse so I booked another appointment at the GPs but with a different doctor for a second opinion. This time the doctor took one look at me and instantly said I needed to go for bloods that day. I did as I was advised and expected to have to wait about five days for the results so it was a massive shock when the first doctor who put it all down to migraines knocked on my door that night and told me that my bloods were dangerously low and that I was going to be admitted into hospital the next day!


So the next day I was a nervous wreck and I had all sorts of doctors and nurses prodding and poking me with all sorts of needles. They did all sorts of tests like more bloods to detect certain things and a bone marrow biopsy to test for leukaemia. All the tests were completely clear except for my bloods being so low, which I and my mum were relieved about. So I remained a mystery to all the doctors and I was kept in for a week having blood transfusions and more tests without any luck in getting closer to my diagnosis.


I was told that I could go home after a week but I had to stay away from people and not do too much because of my dangerously low bloods and I had to go into hospital every week for more tests, transfusions and regular clinics. They warned me that what I was dealing with was very serious so they advised me that I should refer university and get ready for a long process, which I did.


After 5 months of clinics and tests I was finally diagnosed in March 2013 with Myelodysplasia, which is a rare type of blood cancer for someone my age.


After my diagnosis the rest is a blur. I was admitted to Leicester Royal infirmary where I was started on an intense weeks’ worth of chemo to completely kill all my cells. After that my bloods were still so dangerously low that I wasn’t allowed to go home so I had to stay in hospital and wait for a match for a bone marrow transplant while receiving regular blood and platelets transfusions. In June 2013 I was told that a potential match was found for me and my transplant was going to be happening in July 2013. This was a huge relief for me and my family because some people can wait months and sometimes years for donors.


I had my bone marrow transplant on the 5th July 2013 and I’m not going to lie but the transplant itself was a breeze but the after effects and all the infections I got from it has made the past three years some of the hardest years of my life. I found myself in hospital more times than I have been out because my immune system was so weak. However three years on, even though I still struggle most days I feel lucky to have the chance to tell my story to the world and show that cancer can be beaten. I feel so lucky to be a SURVIVOR.


Cancer is the worst disease and way too many people are losing their lives to it but charities like Pink Pong are making a huge difference. They are raising awareness of this horrible disease to people that don’t necessarily know the signs and symptoms to look out for and they are raising incredible amounts of money, which helps researchers to help find a cure. Let’s all step up and help KICK CANCERS ARSE!!!




We are pleased to have linked with Bioflow Sport Wristbands, magnetic therapy which is non evasive and 100% natural.  Hopefully making you fell better whilst promoting a great cause.


"The core of Bioflow technology lies with our patented Central Reverse Polarity field, a strong, multi-directional force of magnetism. Standard magnets have single polarity where as Central Reverse Polarity magnets have a unique arrangement of magnetic poles. 

The Central Reverse Polarity unit causes blood flow to increase, which “moves” electrons in the bloodstream through arteries at an increased rate. More highly oxygenated blood circulates as a result and reaches, for example, an injury site more efficiently via the capillaries. Blood that’s more oxygenated helps to re-balance the pH levels, promoting cell renewal and repair, which is important as blood that flows faster will also assist the body’s own natural processes to remove detrimental waste, such as lactic acid.

It is this unique yet effective technology that is tried and trusted by customers worldwide and sets Bioflow apart from the competition. Bioflow has been awarded the prestigious MHRA approval as a Class 1 Medical Device in the UK and across Europe." - Bioflow UK

Purchase Yours Here

Our Pink and Blue Neon Bioflow Sport will be on sale all year around and sponsorship will be donated/restricted to "Women's Cancers" and "Men's Cancers" respectively.


Also pleased show your support every couple of months for a special colour, symbolising a Cancer Awareness Month, for example in May/June we are promoting the Grey Bioflow Wristband as featured above, to show our support to  "Brain Cancer" patients, survivors and their family and friends.

According to The Brain Tumour Charity, "27 people are diagnosed with a Brain Tumour every day! 5000 people lose their lives to a Brain Tumour every year!" 

Let's do our bit!

Bioflow Sport Wristbands are just £14.99 via the pink pong website.

Send your stories to: zoe@pinkpong.co.uk


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