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June 2012

Thank you all so much for your support and if you would like to host an event at your club then please contact Liz May -


Pink Pong Shop now online.

We are please to announce that thanks to the hard work of our very own trustee Dave Robson, our Pink Pong Shop is now online - HERE


Hello there!  My name is Margaret May and I am also Liz May’s Auntie Maggie.  Where to     begin?  Back in 1980 to my horror I discovered a breast lump.  There followed three monthly investigative appointments plus a mammogram. 
Much to my relief I was told there was nothing to worry about.  However two years later a gut feeling told me it would be prudent to ask for another check.  My GP was far from enthusiastic about referring me, but I was insistent (and very unpopular). 
So in December 1982, I went through the procedure again.  Never disregard your ‘gut’ feelings!  I underwent a lumpectomy and was informed on 23rd December I had “Breast Cancer”, Merry Christmas eh!  I was just 48.  In January ‘83 I had 25 sessions of radiotherapy and I was prescribed the then new “wonder drug” Tamoxifen, in which I took religiously daily for five years.

The hardest part was coming to terms with the initial diagnosis and the psychological impact.  I had to draw on all my resources of strength to break the news to my three teenage children and my elderly parents, yet try to remain up beat.  Although shell-shocked my husband was a rock and was always there for me.  So it was with the support of great kids, family and amazing friends I got through, and en route decided I still had plenty of get up and go.

During this time I came to the conclusion that I needed a new challenge, something else to focus on rather than just hospital appointments.  So, at the age of 50 I began daily early morning swimming as therapy.  I joined our local masters swimming club and was persuaded to enter a swimming gala.  I was hooked!  I competed on a county, national and international level, including the European Masters in Italy and the World Masters in Sheffield, coming away with medals (and a big head!). 

Life was good, then guess what…..in 2002. I discovered another breast lump, what a cheek, cancer had returned after 20 years!  Again, the bottom dropped out of my world.  However, somehow this time I felt better able to cope with it, despite undergoing a mastectomy, I think becoming a Grandmother for the first time two weeks after the operation gave me something else to focus on and it helped enormously.  Tamoxifen was prescribed for another 5 years, but thankfully I count my blessings that I by-passed chemotherapy, 

So here I am folks, now aged 76, still early morning swimming and leading a full and varied life.  Once again I have to pay tribute to the rock solid support I received from my lovely husband and kids, not to mention my brilliant friends and family.  I am one lucky lady!  Finally I would like to take this opportunity to say how proud we are of Liz; I take my hat off to her for the time and effort she puts into her charitable fund raising for her “Special Baby”.  May it go from strength to strength with Liz at its helm…...watch this space!!

Pink Pong has collaborated with Vinqui.

Pink Pong are really excited to announce the collaboration with Vinqui has gone live and we hope to see many of our Pink Pong supporters wearing this piece throughout the up and coming season.  “Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good” - Lisa Radford.


Vinqui (VQ) is a sports jewellery company that in their own words “make jewellery and other personal products to celebrate the sacrifices we make to achieve our goals”  Vinqui state “It’s about letting others know that without we there is no me. It’s about them never giving up on us, whatever the odds”.  People that are battling cancer need to know that we will never give up on them. ving up on us, whatever the odds”.  People who are battling with Cancer need to know that pink pong will never give up on them.  ving up on us, whatever the odds”.  People who are battling with Cancer need to know that pink pong will never give up on them.  Together we will raise the profile of pink pong as well as raise money and awareness of cancer.


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