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Top Five Events.

  1. October 2014 - #RunTeamFlo Birmingham Half Marathon led by Kelly Sibley (Pink Pong Ambassador) - £23,147.33
  2. March 2015 - Lucy Elliot & Catherine O’Neill Cut their hair for Cancer - £2106.60
  3. January 2015 – Drumchapel TTC & Scotland Aerobic Table Tennis Tour Event led by Corinna Whitaker - £1408.80
  4. May 2015 - #SuperTed Teds Snowdon Adventure - £1140.50
  5. January 2015 (Liz May 365 Days Sober) - Dryathlon led by Zoe Cheesman - £1395


Thank you all so much for your support and if you would like to host an event at your club then please contact Liz May -



2015 Race For Life – By Zoe Cheesman

On the 30th May 2015 Myself, Kari and 3 of our friends took part in the Race for Life Pretty Mudders 5k event. Our inspiration for this was Kari’s best friend being diagnosed last year with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age of 29. Being diagnosed with cancer is not something anyone expects but especially not for a young healthy girl with 2 beautiful young children and her life ahead of her.


It’s fair to say that none of us that took part are ‘runners’ and there was very little done in terms of preparation. On the day itself you couldn’t help feeling inspired by all the women around you all fighting for the same goal. We walked some, ran some and jogged a little but the main thing was we had fun. It was amazing to see each and every woman cheering and willing each other over logs, through tunnels, under and over cargo-nets (A few getting stuck at the top) and through the finish line. All in all we raised £291 and got VERY muddy in the process!






#SuperTed – By Sarah Sailsbury

On Saturday 9th May 2015, my son Edward aged 10 and myself climbed the Llanberis Path on Snowdon, the preparation for the trip began in January.  The ideal had been simmering for some time…unfortunately we had lost our aunt two years previously to cancer.   Aunt Vowel (aka Val, as Edward could never pronounce her name clearly when young) adored Edward.  She’d say he would do and achieve great things, so we decided to do something great in her memory……Climb a mountain and raise funds for Pink Pong CRUK,  Hence, the fundraising and cake baking began….wherever possible cakes and pretzels were sold our family and friends were absolutely fantastic with their support.  We had set a target of £1 per metre of the climb, totalling £1085!!!


On the day the weather was overcast, cloudy and drizzly.  Despite this we set off in our full wet weather gear.  The path was quiet and we only met a few other walkers, throughout the climb we waved as the train past us, and received lots of waves in return.   The climb starts very gently and we steadily made our way.   The view was quite limited due to the weather, we sang and chatted our way to the Halfway House, with a very quick pit stop for a drink and snack.   We continued our climb which became quite steep and passed under a small tunnel for the train track, we came across a few more climbers there was great spirit amongst the climbers an and encouraged each other to continue to the top.   Throughout Edward wasn’t fazed by the challenge and was determined to reach the top, and at different stages we guessed how far we had walked and how much we had raised.


The weather became even more difficult and we found ourselves with puddles in our boots and quite high winds, our waterproofs held up quite well, we finally reached the top!  The winds were terribly strong and we had to crawl the final steps to the top. We had walked the Path in 2 hours 10 minutes!!    It was a touching moment, although short lived as we literally hugged the plinth took a quick photo and descended the steps on our bottoms. 


A quick visit to the café at the summit was well deserved with a defrost, dry off and hot mug of chocolate.    We had a fabulous hug and spoke of how proud I was that he’s climbed a mountain in his aunt’s memory.


On returning to our B&B we found that we had reached our target!!  Edward was delighted and relieved!  After good nights sleep was followed by a treat of tramplolining in a cave!


Inspirational Corner – By Angie Bristow

Liz asked me a while back if I had "a story" I'd be willing to share as I am a keen supporter of Pink Pong.

I do have "a story" but sadly so does everyone. I doubt you'd meet anyone who doesn't know someone who has suffered from this terrible disease or indeed has suffered themselves.

For me it really hit home when my uncle lost his 10 year battle with a rare form of leukaemia a few years ago.
My mum has never been one to show her emotions if she is upset. She is known for her "just get on with it" approach to life. To give you an example she fell over in the garden and snapped her wrist. She promptly went inside threw up, took some pain killers and walked the mile to casualty. I think she told Dad that she was "just popping out for a bit".
So when my uncle died it was probably only the second time in my life I had seen my mum cry. For me seeing her so upset and grieving for her big brother was simply heart breaking. I don't want her to have to go through that again any time soon.
Thankfully her younger brother and sister have both been given the all clear.
I'm very thankful that touch wood mum got the good set of genes.

And now only a few weeks ago one of my colleagues sadly lost his fight with cancer. He was only 56 and was a father of 2.
He worked pretty much right up to the end and seeing his rapid deterioration after they stopped the treatment was very hard to watch. I can only imagine what it was like for his family.

So this is why we all need to support Pink Pong and Cancer Research UK.

Liz and the Pink Pong team are all great ambassadors and do a tremendous amount of work in raising awareness and money for Cancer Research.
So really its the least I can do to buy a strip of raffle tickets or sponsor Liz when she does something insane like give up alcohol for a year.




We are very grateful to Made with Love by Jo James for supporting Pink Pong with a special custom made bracelet, the bracelet was made “ using beautiful miracle beads and a variety of other stunning beads. Every single piece is completely unique and made with love.”  Pink Pong’s ‘hope’ bracelet is £5 with £1.50 going to CRUK. Please get involved and wear with pride!



If you would like to share your story then please contact Zoe Cheesman -



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