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JULY 2013

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How true a statement when someone you love has died especially when that person has lived with cancer before their death. I want to share with you how someone I was blessed to have in my life has changed it forever because of the way she LIVED with cancer.


My Godmother retired from teaching as my youngest son Alex was born. There were meant to be years of bliss for her and my Mam looking after him wile I worked but life can have many surprises and a big one was about to explode in our face when she was diagnosed with cancer...how could this be...she had none of the recognised predisposing factors... Like a true teacher she had a few lessons planned for us:


Lesson One;

Donít negatively question, it diverts your focus

Lesson Two;

Ensure you have accurate information,

knowledge is empowering

Lesson Three;

Focus on today itís a gift that why they call it the



That is exactly what she did. Each day no matter how bad it might be with the routine that is a cancer patients life she followed these three lessons. We all rode the cancer roller coaster for several years until one day we got the news that the ride was coming to an end...it wasnít the one we wanted but still unswervingly she followed her three lessons.


It is these three lessons that enabled me to tell everyone at her funeral, as if they needed telling, what an extraordinary women Aunty Diane was. It is these three lessons that are her legacy to me, whilst being human I admit there are times when I forget them and life is whats happening while I fret about some trivial problem or question some meaningless thing I am always brought back to reality at the sight of my youngest son. His start in life was so intertwined with the end of hers. He was so young when she died yet he follows Aunty Dianeís three lessons so perfectly; She will forever be alive.


Bethan & Ffion with Baby Alex and Aunty Diane


Pink pong is important to me because it combines two of the most important things in my life...table tennis which has given us as a family especially Dan so many fantastic experiences and raising money to fund research into cancer research...a disease that robbed us as a family of a fantastic person.





Pink Pong went into partnership with Cancer Research UK this year, which enableís the charity to make the most of JustGiving.  JustGiving is the worlds leading platform for charity giving and therefore Pink Pong for a long time has wanted to utilise the concept in order to raise as much money as possible in the fight to beat  cancer sooner.  All you need to do is decide on how you want to raise some pennies, set up a JustGiving page,  using Cancer Research UK as your fund raising charity and then join the team - 


Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure.  Although you can donate straight to Pink Pong inevitably the money we raise will be restricted to a  cancer our trustees decide upon that Cancer Research UK is supporting and therefore this initiative just cuts out the middle man.


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