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Top Five Events.

  1. July 2013 - Pink Pong Golf Day = £1075.50
  2. September 2010 -Okehampton TTC = £850.
  3. Sept/Oct 2013 - Family GNR & GSR Challenge = £684.
  4. October 2011 - Cirencester Table Tennis League = £489.
  5. August 2011 - Wales Table Tennis Association = £476.


Thank you all so much for your support and if you would like to host an event at your club then please contact Liz May -


Although I was diagnosed with breast cancer last August, I consider myself one of the lucky ones.  I had my first operation in June.  At that time no cancer was suspected, and I went off on holiday three weeks after, happy that the minor problem was solved.  Although the   specialists knew the results before the holiday, they kept me unaware – which was considerate of them.
The news that I had breast cancer was a massive shock – you never think it will happen to you; but ever the optimist, I trusted the surgeon to sort it out in the next operation, as the cells found were at the very earliest stage of non-invasive cancer.


In August they removed a large section expecting to take away any remaining cancer cells.  I then had an appointment at the end of August but the results were not ready,       nevertheless they admitted me on the spot and I had to stay overnight as I was very breathless and they suspected a clot on the lung! At least the NHS were very thorough and I  underwent every known test under the sun.


At the next appointment in September the consultant told me they had found masses more non-invasive cancer and a very small amount of invasive cancer, at which point it was decided I needed a full mastectomy.  I hadn’t told anyone apart from family before then, now I needed friends’ support.  On the 5th October I had a third operation       including immediate reconstruction using my own excess fat.  There always has to be a positive side to things – I now have a flattish stomach!!


A couple of days before the op I arranged a calming meditation session and recited a personal mantra while going under the anaesthetic. I was also aware that many friends were thinking about me and the strength of all that thought was extremely powerful.  I was due to stay in hospital 5-7 nights, but I recovered so rapidly that the consultant sent me home on the morning after the 4th night.


No need for chemotherapy or tablets.

I have taken it fairly easy, but have already had a couple of table tennis practices and attended a 2 hour coaching session and next week is my first match.  I don’t expect to play well, but I shall enjoy it tremendously.  Just as a postscript - while on holiday in July I was bitten by a feral cat and had to go to hospital in Crete – I hope to stay away from hospitals this year!!


Being diagnosed with cancer is always a shock, but charities like Pink Pong are there to spread the word that it isn’t the end of everything. There are people there to reassure,    comfort and advise. Stories such as mine should encourage sufferers to face the future with optimism.

Janie Kirby Cancer Survivor



On Sunday 27th October 2013, Liz and Jon May were joined by their family running team to run in a very windy Great South Run, it’s the 3rd time the brother and sister have ran the race but never before riding a horse (he always has been a cheat) or wearing a giant shoe.  Earlier in the year the pair joined their uncle Colin Page in the famous Great North run and a combination of both races enabled the family team to raise £684 towards “Bowel Cancer” in memory of Colin’s Dad and Jon, Liz and Toni’s Granddad.


Family Team left to right, Colin Page, Tom Jensen, Jon May, Liz May,

Tony Page & James Cairns.

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We went to the six nations

In November Liz May & Zoe Cheesman were invited by our Pink Pong Ambassador Ryan Jenkins to Cardiff for the Home Nations.  Liz May Sports Therapy Clinic provided Treatment, Sports Massage and Taping to all the players, for a small donation to pink pong and Zoe ran a pink pong stall selling the charities merchandise.  The weekend saw the charity raise another £345.


Simple ideas like this are helping us continue to strive to get a step closer in the fight to beat cancer.   A special mention to Ryan Jenkins and Lesley O’Connell for hosting such a great event and always supporting pink pong, we hope this will be the first of many more Home Nations for the team and we hope all the players benefited from the support and advice they received.



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