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Keep smiling, think positive and let people in  

Inspirational Corner

Hello all, my name is Sarah Parry, I’m a nurse of 30yrs experience and I work in the operating theatre.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008.  I was 47, life was good and it was the last thing I was expecting.  I had a double mastectomy followed by 5 months of chemotherapy.  Coping with the loss of my hair, feeling traumatised and ill was a rough journey not to mention the long road of emotional and physical recovery.   Worst of all, breaking the news of my illness to my family, my children, especially my elderly father who had already lost his wife to cancer and watched my older sister go down the same route I was about to take.  This made me realise that although cancer is very isolating, it’s never just one person’s journey.

Since my treatment, I have undergone 5 operations in total including extensive        reconstructive surgery with marvellous results and I can wear my clothes with confidence again.  I feel very lucky and privileged to have had a network of support from a loving family and friends, some of whom I didn’t even know I had.  This life changing experience has given me the chance to re-evaluate my future and motivate me to make the most of what I have including the people around me and realise that nothing lasts forever so get on and live your life. 

My appreciation of any effort to raise money for a cancer charity or cause has soared and I would like to thank Pink Pong for it’s breast cancer fundraising activities as every penny counts.  Good luck to Pink Pong, have fun and keep up the good work! 

To anyone fighting cancer right now, hang in there; keep smiling, think positive and let people in.    

Vinqui is Collaborating with Pink Pong

Pink Pong are really excited to announce the collaboration with Vinqui.  Vinqui (VQ) is a sports jewellery company that in their own words “make jewellery and other   personal products to celebrate the sacrifices we make to achieve our goals” 


There is no better company to collaborate a piece of jewellery with that will tie in with Pink Pong’s mission - ”Making a difference on and off the table”.  A table tennis necklace is currently being designed by Vinqui and will hopefully be available to buy soon.


Vinqui state “It’s about letting others know that without we there is no me. It’s about them never giving up on us, whatever the odds”.  People that are battling cancer need to know that we will never give up on them. ving up on us, whatever the odds”.  People who are battling with Cancer need to know that pink pong will never give up on them.

ving up on us, whatever the odds”.  People who are battling with Cancer need to know that pink pong will never give up on them.  Together we will raise the profile of pink pong as well as raise money and awareness of cancer.


If you have a story to share, we want to hear from you.  Cancer is real and your inspirational and fundraising stories really do matter.            Send your stories to -zoe@pinkpong.co.uk

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