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Family Team conquer Paris for CoppaFeel

Inspirational Corner

My name is Helen Hilton, twelve months ago my life was normal, I was fit, healthy and enjoying life.  I decided to have a massage, a pre holiday treat and little did I know that this treat possibly saved my life.   We found a lump, probably the size of a ping pong ball.

I went straight to my GP, who referred me to the Plymouth Primrose Centre for further tests.  I was sure it was just a cyst and went on my holiday as planned.  On my return two weeks later I was told, it was not a cyst, I had CANCER.   It was only Paul’s reaction that made me listen to what they were saying and yes they did mean me.

Over the next two months I was in and out of hospital for operations and treatment, I did however sneak in the pink ribbon cycle ride.  I didn’t feel ill my body was a temple and then all the drugs came.  During week three of my chemo, my hair fell out.  Life becomes unrecognisable but you do come out the other side.  Twelve months on from that massage, two operations, six cycles of chemo and three weeks of   radiotherapy and my hair is growing back, my skin is improving, I am struggling a little bit with weight due to the Tamoxifen, but I’m running again, I’m almost there.

There are many horrors physically and emotionally involved with cancer but there are positives too, the positives stay with you long after the treatment and side effects finish.




And my fiancée (well he’s not left me yet).  Paul has been by my side throughout, doing little things like drawing medication charts, cooking organic vegetables, to bigger things like breaking the news to my parents and shaving my head.  We tackled it together, we have fought and beaten CANCER together and Now we intend to live again TOGETHER!!

Family Team conquer Paris for CoppaFeel

“This must be the most demoralising sports event I have ever taken part in and I have been crushed by Eva Ódorová, Carina Jonsson and Gao Jun in past table tennis matches.”  As some of you are aware Jon May, Colin Page and Liz May ran a race a month last year to promote Pink Pong.  Their training changed in January 2012 in order to be ready for the biggest challenge of their lives —The Paris Marathon, in which they were joined by Toni Page, Sean Page and Terri Hughes.


With only three weeks before the big day, Liz picked up a knee injury, but of course this wasn’t to stop her or her family team, sticking together through the roller coaster ride of Paris, they crossed the line together, taking five hours and fifty seven minutes.  A very disappointed Liz is now looking to run another marathon, “I need to be fit the next time as I never want to go through that much pain EVER again.”


The team didn’t think they would be running a marathon distance again, but some of them have already entered Brighton in April next year.  Liz however will wait for an MRI scan later this month to see if she can continue her running aspirations or whether she’ll have to stick to Pink Pong.


A massive thank you to all those who supported the team, they raised over £500 for coppafeel, through justgiving/FamilyTeam


If you have a story to share, we want to hear from you.  Cancer is real and your inspirational and fundraising stories really do matter.            Send your stories to -zoe@pinkpong.co.uk

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