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Pink Pong was established in September 2010 after one of our members was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. The initial aim and objective of “Pink Pong” was to firstly increase awareness of Cancer for everyone, and secondly, to raise money for different Cancer Charities and Foundations.
pink-pong-total In 2013, Pink Pong went into partnership with Cancer Research UK and our objective changed to become the first table tennis based charity to raise both money and awareness of ALL cancer. With the help of our partner (CRUK), trustees, ambassadors, supporters and friends, we hope to strike towards fighting cancer and also increase the participation of our Sport, Table Tennis. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if pink pong led the way for other countries to follow suit?

People often think of the word cancer as describing a single disease with a single cause, like ‘flu or HIV. But this is misleading. Cancer is the name given to a range of specific illnesses resulting from one of our body’s own cells growing out of control. There are more than 200 different types of cancer, each with different causes and symptoms requiring different treatments.

We at Pink Pong give up many hours of dedicated time towards the cause of raising money towards funding this never ending battle against cancer. Please take time out to look around the site and help us in our quest.

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Four years of memories, many more to come …..
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